Elf Homeland

You gain access to the Log Roller regional trait.
Elf Parents
Only your father is alive.

Female Elf [older than you]

Circumstances of Birth
You were not raised by your birth family, but taken in by another family within your race or culture. Roll twice instead of once on Table: Parents’ Profession—once for your birth family and a second time for your adoptive family. You gain access to traits granted by both sets of parents.

Birth Parents Profession
You gain access to the Poverty-Stricken social trait.
Adopted Parents Profession

You gain access to the Artisan social trait and the Life of Toil social trait.
Major Childhood Events
a friend or family member whom you trusted more than anyone else betrayed you. You have never fully trusted anyone since and prefer to rely on your own abilities rather than place your trust in others. You gain access to the Suspicious social trait.

Detached Observer
You set yourself apart with a pall of cold logic that allows you to see weaknesses in members of your own race that you strive not to succumb to yourself. Most likely, you pick your own race as your dominant favored enemy, and you excel as a spy or assassin paid to capture enemies of your organization. You gain access to the Cold and Calculating combat trait.

Influential Associates
The Fiend
In your adolescent years, you dealt with or were possessed by a fiend who lent you raw power at a time of great need. This experience tainted your body and mind and changed your life. Some part of the demon remains inside you like an old friend, influencing you toward destructive ends. You gain access to the Possessed magic trait and the Damned story feat.
Armed Robbery
You robbed someone with the threat of violence.
Conflict Subject
Conflict Motivation
Conflict Resolution (Choose One)
No Guilt (+2 CP)

Conflict Points
Total CP:
Romantic Relationships
Several Inconsequential Relationships
You have had many lovers but no long-lasting, meaningful relationships.
Material Wealth
You have a weakness for material things—money, fine jewelry, exquisite foods, expensive or rare items, and so on. When such riches are within your reach, you’re driven to possess them, and you claim them either as an honest collector or a cunning thief. You gain access to the Avarice drawback.
Accessible Traits
Log Roller regional trait
Poverty-Stricken social trait
Artisan social trait and the Life of Toil social trait
Suspicious social trait
Cold and Calculating combat trait
Possessed magic trait and the Damned story feat
Avarice drawback


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